Curriculum Workshop with Mary Anne Mills and Christina Ward from Core Education Ltd

October 22nd at Hamilton East School 9a.m. - 3p.m.

Links and Resources from the Workshop
Core Education EPS Lite - Educational Positioning Tool

Progressive Education in the 1940s - Youtube video not screened because f sound problems

Andrew Johnson - Youtube Video - Britain's Got talent

James' Blog - secondary technology student

Team-Up Website for parents and communities to "Help our Kids Learn"

Assessment for Learning, Enquiry & Curriculum - keynote addresses by Prof Helen Timperley and Dr Rose Hipkins click here

NZ Curriculum Online Websites
Google Search of the site available at
Check out what's new
See the link to Donna's movie with students
Implementation Overview
Resource Bank
Support for Schools
Digital Stories Click on the heading "School Stories" to see the expanded information about each story or to download the story to your computer for easier viewing.
School Snapshots
Strategies for Getting Started

To access the evaluation form after the workshop go to