Leadership for the Cluster

Develop ethic / ethos of professional dialogue about learning
Beliefs, values about learning – collaborative storytelling / conversation about a teachers philosophy
How does this translate into teaching practice?
Collect initial data as well as progress. Opportunities for teachers to reflect.
Students articulate their values and beliefs about learning ==> does this fit with actual practice
Recording student voice ==> and how this matches with teacher practice
Dialogue re citizenship ==> from ME to us
Leadership Cluster wide
School networks open and easily accessible (web2.0 sites not blocked)
Safe practices for use of internet
Developing a trust environment amongst all learners
Norm setting, protocols
All schools contribute to milestones
Transparency and specific purpose / focus
Setting aside competitiveness / suspend judgement
Workshop strategies
Ladder of inference ( see Sue @ Ohaupo) Management meeting strategy for difficult conversations
Develop scaffolding
Shared, distributed leadership, all being heard
Varied diet of approaches / strategies and inclusiveness
Communication – disseminate to all schools
Transferring information / knowledge to classroom practice ==>make connections for teachers ==>seeing the big picture
Project director responsible for systems within the cluster i.e. Principals attendance at meetings / buy in = PD role
Opportunities for the management team to model reflective practice
Lead teacher links information and encourages transfer of new learning into the school / PD for lead teachers
Memorandum of Understanding – define roles, delegations and systems
Accountability / commitment from principals
Expectations for all