This Meeting was Hosted by the Eastern Arterial Cluster at Insoll School.

Starting time 10a.m.


  • Action Research
  • Evidence and data collection for review and reporting
  • Future Needs - please come with any ideas of things you would like addressed in future meetings.


This day was most worthwhile with presentations about action research from Tanya Thompson of St Andrews Middle School and Dave Winter of Southwell School. St Andrews are now four years into their use of action research and all staff are involved as part of their employment and appraisal. A wealth of support is provided from outside facilitators and inschool buddies, plus release time and dedicated staff meetings ensure it is a key focus. Tanya's presentation slides are available through her blog at
Southwell School have had their first round of experimentation with action research, and their experiences will be invaluable for others starting out on this process. Watch this space for a copy of Dave's presentation.

The day concluded with a briefing on the cluster review process. All this information and associated templates are available in the Time4 Review and Reflection Seminar which can be accessed at